Cellnex has completed the acquisition of Polkomtel Infrastruktura, which was announced in February. The deal involves an investment of approximately 1.6 billion euros. As a result, the Spanish operator acquires communication towers from the Polsat Plus Group, as well as active infrastructure, such as equipment for transmitting voice, data and optical fibers to the tower.

Cellnex today announced the Sr. End the deal with Polsat Plus Group Regarding the acquisition 99.99% of the infrastructure The telecommunications company Polkomtel Infrastruktura. Polkomtel Infrastruktura supports group passive infrastructure (approx. 7 thousand knowsf and locations), active infrastructure (approx. 37 thousand radio carriers It covers almost all the bands used by 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. 11300 km of the main network Fiber-optic network and tower connection network, and a national network for microwave radio links).

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The agreement includes a valuable investment for Cellnex 1.6 billion euros (7.25 billion PLN) An additional program related to the launch of approx. 1500 sitesIn addition to investments in active equipment, especially for 5G networks, in the amount of approximately 600 million euros, over the next ten years. The transaction was funded with available cash.

Polkomtel core network With all frequencies used to provide customers in Poland with services in 5G technology, as well as in 2G / 3G / LTE technologies Owned by the Polsat Plu Groups.

The purpose of collaborating with Cellnex in the further development of our mobile network is to enable the fastest and most economical implementation of modern communication services for our customers

– says Mirosław Błaszczyk, President of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel.

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The Polsat Plus group ensures that Polkomtel, like In addition to the network operator, it will continue to provide High quality content and communication services for individual, corporate and wholesale customers.

We believe that active and passive network sharing is critical to future mobile connectivity, and mobile gamers must move in this direction to provide quality service to the end user. Our partnership with Cellnex allows us to amplify the network of locations our customers use through the use of cost-effective solutions. As a leading European provider of telecommunications infrastructure, Cellnex will strive to optimize the investment in the cellular network in Poland for the benefit of our customers and the environment in which we live.

– Persuads Maciej Stec, Vice President of Strategy, Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel

Cellnex Telecom is a European operator of wireless communications and broadcasting infrastructure with a rough portfolio 129 km 2 your locationOf these, about 91,000 are in operation and the rest are in the process of being completed or planned for implementation by 2030. Cellnex operates in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

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Text source: Cellnex, Polsat Plus Group