At night, the weather will get worse, and the whole country will be cloudy, but also frosty. In the south, there will be fog that will limit visibility, said Dorota Bakucha, IMGW officer for PAP. Warming will come from the West on Tuesday.

According to forecasts by Dorota Pacocha of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute, Monday night in Bodhi and in the hilly areas may drop to -17 degrees Celsius.

IMGW expects it to be cloudy at night. In the southeast of the country and in the northwest part of the country, snow will be scattered in some places. Locally, there will be freezing fog in the south that will limit visibility to 400 metres.

The minimum temperature will be -12 degrees in the Suwałki region. Most of the time, the temperature will be between -10 and -8 degrees. The warmest temperature is at -5 degrees in the southwest. The coldest will be in Bodhill and in the Piedmont regions from -17 to -13 degrees Celsius. The winds are stronger during the day, with gusts of up to 55 km / h.

“On Tuesday, warming will come to Poland from the west. It will lead to a lot of clouds with more pronounced spells. In the second half of the day, it will start to snow in Poland from the west. Gradually they will turn into snow-covered rain and sleet causing black ice. . In the southeast and in the southeast, it snows a little on the coast, ”- said Dorota Bakucha.

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On Tuesday, the lowest temperature is -6 degrees Celsius in the north and northeast. It will be about -1 degrees in the center of the country. Hottest in the West is plus 3 degrees. Winds will be moderate, with speeds of up to 65 km / h on the seashore. In the Suwałki region, gusts of wind will cause blizzards and snowstorms. (PAP)

Author: Jacek Buraczewski

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