Zarin referred to the information released on Tuesday about the arrest of a German citizen. The border guards unit informed Audra of the arrest of the carrier, who… He transported a group of immigrants through Polish territory and went with them to Germany. Participate in the illegal immigration route from Belarus to the West.

– This is another person who was arrested by Polish officers transporting migrants from the border areas towards Germany. Such people participate in the migration path organized by Alexander Lukashenka against Poland and the European Union. Germany is basically the destination country for immigrants arriving illegally from Belarus

Harin said.

According to his information, so far more than 331 people have heard accusations related to the transfer of immigrants.

– Border guards and police stop new tankers every day, and cars used to transport migrants are insured. The actions of the airlines must be evaluated as having joined the aggressive Belarusian operation against the European Union

– said the spokesman for the Coordinator of Secret Services, adding:

“The data so far show that this practice is mainly handled by foreigners from different countries, often with German citizenship or the right of residence in Germany. It is more and more common that people living outside the western borders of Poland participate in the immigration procedure”

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Nadodrzański Border Guard unit, Joanna Konicniak, reported that officers from Świecko (Lubowski district) had arrested 10 Iraqi nationals and four Iranian nationals who were illegally staying in Poland and were trying to reach Germany. One group bore a 72-year-old German whose name revealed his Middle Eastern origins.

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Source: PAP,