Said a spokeswoman for the border guards, second lieutenant. Anna Michalska. Lithuania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are reported.

Border Guard spokeswoman, second lieutenant. Anna Michalska was a guest on TVP Info on Tuesday, where she spoke, among other things, about the situation at the Polish-Belarus border. The spokeswoman confirmed the continuing immigration pressure on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Now the situation in this part of the border is very tense

– She indicated.

We also protect the border with Lithuania, it is an open border, the camps for foreigners are partially open, so it was definitely easier to leave

– You remember.

A percentage of these people cross the border as well

– She added.

We also constantly note that illegal immigrants are making their way from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, where there are also open borders.

– She translated. “We are noticing several different trends in which illegal immigrants can go deeper into Poland or Western European countries,” she added.

Since September 2, a state of emergency has been imposed in the border region with Belarus, that is, in part of the Podlaskie and Lubelskie districts. It covers 183 cities. It was introduced for 30 days by decree of President Andrei Duda, issued at the request of the Cabinet. On Tuesday, the government decided to ask the President of the Republic to extend the state of emergency for 60 days.

After Tuesday’s meeting with the heads of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the Ministry of National Defense and the Border Guard, President Andrzej Duda said that “it seems that the extension of the state of emergency on the Polish-Belarus border by 60 years. Days will be justified.” As he added, the Polish-Belarus border problem still exists.

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He also reported that on the Tuesday before the 17th, a record 354 attempts to illegally cross the Polish border were thwarted. Since the beginning of September, the border guards have registered more than 5,000. Attempts to illegally move from Belarus to Poland.

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