Unreal Engine 5 is to provide a new visual quality in games. For now, however, this technology that actually powers Fortnite has yet to show its paw. Perhaps, however, ILL will change this situation.

ILL looks surprisingly good, and far exceeds the budget games. This independent project, created by small studio Team Clout from Russia, is in preparation In the Unreal Engine 5 environment It is in an early stage of work. However, you can already see in the posted video that the production has great potential.

Team Clout ILL describes it as a survival horror along with FPP shooter, intended for PC. The game will witness very brutal scenes and, above all, an atmosphere of horror and horror. The developers claim that the video you see below Recorded in a real time game. If this is true and not just envisioning a prototype that will be later downgraded, this is an impressive feat.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the project itself. influence team encourages you to support ILL on side patreon, He assures the site that the game will offer advanced world physics, a fully interactive environment and a simple story “without an overly twisted plot”. We will likely have to wait a long time for the game’s premiere, because the authors stated on Patreon that at least for now they have other professional responsibilities and cannot devote themselves 100% to creating their project.

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