Two tigers crash into a national park in Brazil. The animals killed 172 flamingos. Only four individuals managed to survive the attack of the predator.

Two tigers killed 172 flamingos in a single hunt in a nature reserve in the popular tourist destination Iguacu National Park in southern Brazil. According to naturalists, the unprecedented effectiveness of predators was the result of sudden cardiac arrest in most frightened birds. Some of them died as a result of stress.

As reported by the newspaper “Meo dia Parana” on Wednesday, an unprecedented event occurred in the bird park, where the import of flamingos has begun since 1995, including endangered species from Chile.

They won’t make surveillance recording available

In total, there were 176 flamingos at the time of Tuesday’s jaguar attack. Luciana Litt, representative of the reserve management, explained that only four samples of flamingos survived the aggression of predators.

Light reported that the attack of the tigers, the mother and her young was recorded by monitoring installed in the reserve, but the recording will not be reported to the media. She added that the footage is only to serve as evidence in an investigation that has already begun.

Experts say that the behavior of the predator, although very brutal, was quite natural. The mother taught her young to hunt and chose the bird park as a target.

According to Leite, two jaguars were the first to cross the perimeter fence and attack flamingos in the bird park’s 27-year history. She also added, never in the region have tigers been so aggressive towards people.

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