“Baromètre” – that’s the name of the “Lifestyle” magazine report. The final result is determined by the amount of information available in the most famous French sports media on the Internet.

The results of April may have taken the French by surprise. He was the winner of the “Barometer” Iga your lipsthe new leader in the WTA rankings, winner of the April tournament in Stuttgart, and earlier in Miami and Indian Wells (in March) and in Doha (in February).

The Polish woman scored 54 points. The football player Paris Saint-Germain and the French national team took second place in the standings Khaira Al Hamrawi – 35 points, and the third best French tennis player, today he is ranked 34th in the WTA rankings Alizee Cornet – 25 points

The top ten also included six other players: Belinda Benesi (Switzerland), Paula Padusa (Spain), Oussien Dudin (France), Naomi Osaka (Japan) and Ons Jabeur (Tunisia) – formerly Emma Radokano (UK) and a female basketball player. Celine Domirk and Norwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg.

This is not the first time that a 20-year-old Polish tennis player has taken the podium in the standings considering the citation rate in the French sports media. In March of this year, she finished second (34 points) behind another French tennis player Caroline Garcia (43 points). The French alpine skier took third place Tessa Worleyin the 2021-22 season, the overall winner of the giant slalom.

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A month earlier, the most popular athlete in France was the Russian figure skater, the champion of the doping scandal at the Beijing Olympics. complete and yoghurt (37 points), ahead of French Chloe Trespouche (32 points) and footballer Khaira Hamraoui (29 points). Świątek is already listed – in eighth place (23 points).

As you can see, comparing the results from April and the previous two months, Świątek was far ahead of the other competitors who won the survey. She had 54 points, while García 45 and Waleguay 37. With Roland Garros taking off in Paris in May, where she will take pole position, it can be expected that she may once again be the most popular athlete in the French media.

Olgerd Kwiatkowski