Some Netflix Android users have been included in the testing program for a new feature, which is especially useful for people who fall asleep while watching series on the platform.

Netflix will stop playing on its own

Everyone may have slept at least once while watching Netflix. The new feature will be useful to people who often then have to tirelessly search the rings in search of the splinter they slept in. Sure, Netflix asks every now and then if we’re still watching, but sometimes it can go through multiple episodes before the app stops.

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Selected Netflix users are given the opportunity to test a new feature of our music apps well known – sleep timer. It allows you to choose how long the series will fly – 15, 30, and 45 minutes, or until the end of the movie or episode currently being watched of the series. With this option, viewers who sleep while watching the series will not be mixed in episodes. Currently, this option is only available on single platform and adult accounts. It is not yet known when everyone will arrive, but one thing is for sure – we are waiting with bated breath!

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