The recording, published by Alique Perez, quickly spread on the Internet, and was reported by the world media. The woman showed her what she had ordered from the Jollibee restaurant chain in Taguig, via the food delivery company Grab. The woman bought ready-made chicken for her son, but at home it turned out that the meat was not fried in breadcrumbs.

Perez described that it was difficult for her to chop or bite the “chicken”, so she tried to tear it with her hands. To her horror, she discovered that the mixture was hiding a blue towel. “It’s really annoying,” she commented, wondering how you could even fry a towel.

“I thought all the posts of people complaining about their food were made up. I found it really happening” – added the woman. Her position was provided to tens of thousands. times and caused quite a stir. As indicated by the restaurant.

According to media reports, the restaurant that Peres referred to has been closed for three days pending investigation. “We are very concerned,” the company said. It closed on 3 June.

Jollibee Network confirmed that it will do everything in its power to prevent a similar incident from happening again, and to this end, among other things, will train its staff and contact product suppliers.

Sources: Newsweek, NY Post