Tadeusz Batik

I miss this word, which is used less and less, and is replaced by the word “apartments”. I may speak like an old grandfather, but I still remember the times when people lived and bought new apartments. On the other hand, the apartments were in hotels, and they weren’t big at all. They are better equipped, usually with two rooms, in a word – similar to apartments. When someone is going to stay in a hotel longer or do something professional and not expose guests to the spectacle of an untidy bed, they will take an apartment – whatever it is – that cannot be compared to an apartment. What am I philosophizing here? Condo and flat are the same thing, as the name implies – a separate part of something larger, a house, a block of flats, a dwelling house. Only the apartment stopped being luxurious enough some time ago.

The developers want their products to sell well and come up with all kinds of weird names for neighborhoods. I looked at all the current offers for new investments in Poland and hardly anyone mentioned “apartments” there. However, I found out that there is a so-called “small apartment” (with an area of ​​u200bu200b19 square meters).

Most interesting, however, are the names of the residential estates, for example: Nowa Rezydencja Królowej Marysieńki, which indicates that Sobieska did not die, but still lives in Wilanów, and those who live there must somehow undergo this, “Do of Yeah,” cook it, tidy up, mow the lawn, God knows what. On the other hand, in Toruń you can buy apartments in Piernikowe Osiedle (point for investors), although it is not ordinary. They are delicious apartments.

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I discovered that I laugh at things that others don’t notice. For example, the names of settlements

I’ve realized for a long time that I laugh at things that others don’t notice. Maybe not for you, but my mood cheers me up very much: “Good morning Heltman”, “decimal houses”, “sunny town” (which – I don’t know why – reminds me of a salty town). I consider Banach spaces an absolute masterpiece (if you don’t know – Banach was a mathematician I even learned about his space, but didn’t understand anything). The slogan “live in the city” seems to me ridiculous, because it is known that if it is not in the countryside, then elsewhere.

“Apartment”, I say, is unattractive, but Poland is also fleeting, so we have “Sunny Macedonia” (in Krakow), “New Beijing” (in Sosnovec), “Little Amsterdam” (in Bydgoszcz) and “29th Avenue”, only This is not in New York, but with a view of Rakwicki Cemetery. The fact that the investor advertises it with the slogan “Live like in a movie”, and in the end the types of films differ. They are happy and horrified.

What drives me crazy is staying away from Polish letters. There isn’t a “W” anymore, but a “V”. “Bulvar”, “Morelove”, every second, of course, “Nove”, especially NOVE ZDROVIE, which was supposed to be very modern, but it turned out, in my opinion, a little in Slovak.