Two states experienced at least 24 hurricanes on Thursday, according to the Reuters news agency. They destroyed hundreds of homes in several cities in Alabama and Georgia. One of them is Newnan, Georgia, and it is inhabited by about 40,000 people. The city – according to its authorities – “suffered severe damage in the vicinity of the historic center.”

Suddenly there is a heavy rain. It rained for three seconds and then there was silence. Then it started flowing again and then there was silence. Then I learned a hurricane was coming. A resident of Newnan, Jim Ridder, said I heard a sound similar to that of an approaching express train.

Local police are warning residents to keep off the roads as emergency services assess damage and cut down trees. There is a problem with phone coverage and internet access in town. In total, nearly 50,000 people in Georgia and Alabama do not have electricity in their homes.

Several deaths

Hurricanes were first reported in Alabama, and then in eastern Georgia. In the first of these states, at least five people have died in Ohachi, including a family of three. The sixth person died in Georgia. Dozens were injured in both states.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey urged residents not to lose their vigilance in the face of difficult and unpredictable weather conditions.

Beginning of the season

Last week, Alabama was ravaged by a series of dozens of devastating hurricanes, as well as the ability to pull down roofs and pull down trees. In the southeastern United States, the hurricane season begins this spring.

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The National Weather Service (NWS) is warning of dangerous weather conditions this weekend in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and the surrounding area.