Blanca Lipinska is proud of her rapid weight loss. She spoke: “You’re asking me how I’m losing weight so fast.” What is her advice?

Blanka Lipinska, after watching the unfortunate photos from the premiere of the film “365 Days: This Day”, began to lose weight. She didn’t even hide that what she was going to do would have nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle. However, the effects came very quickly:

Dear friends, you ask me how to lose weight so quickly – she began her talk.

What did you reveal to the fans?

Blanka Lipinska is pleased with her rapid weight loss

Blanka Lipinska has never hidden that her appearance is very important to her. After the hate that fell upon her after posting pictures from the premiere of “365 Days: This Day”, she quickly got down to business. Although she is currently busy on a professional level, she does not forget about her determination to lose weight. Blanca Lipinska announced the premiere of “Another 365 Days”, and soon after she went to São Paulo, where she promoted her book. At the same time, she constantly takes care of the figure. Until recently, Blanka Lipinska enumerated her complexes, saying, among other things, about “thick thighs”. The complexes seem to be forgotten. Blanca Lipinska’s rapid weight loss does not go unnoticed by Internet users. Lipinska decided to speak up and did it in her own way:

Dear friends, you ask me how to lose weight so fast. Oh look, the secret is simple. They are eating less. I went to the reduction, it was probably … it was in May. something like that. End of May and I said, by July, 6 weeks and I’ll be back on weight. I highly recommend perseverance, diligence, and a lot of self-denial.

How did Blanka Lipinska manage to be so consistent?

If you have any questions, how do you find this self-denial? I also recommend that these are very good features, they are very good without inflection – she said.

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Blanka Lipińska regularly exercises under the supervision of a personal trainer, with an emphasis also on medical training.

I’m going to train with Adrian. for medical training. Unfortunately, it’s not like anyone can imagine what it’s like to be training with a personal trainer, unless someone has had medical training, they know it’s pretty boring out there. Boring but healthy for the spine. I recommend, and I remember to stretch and roll, because my friend was recently paralyzed for two days, because his muscles are twisted, and it’s good that he’s been fine. Also remember to take care of yourself and drink a lot today, because today the heat is starting to kill us.

Blanka Lipińska uses a box diet. The amount of calories he eats during the day has already sparked controversy on the Internet. But for the author of 365 Days, what matters are the effects and well-being.

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Blanca Lipinska on weight loss

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