comfort style Born in Denmark It is derived from a specific Danish philosophyWhich applies not only to the interior, but also to other important aspects of everyday life. According to her, Home is supposed to be a comfortable placeTo which we will return with pleasure, and the moments we spend in them give us joy and happiness. For this reason, Danes pay great attention to the small details in their apartments in order to achieve the aforementioned goal. cheerful It is also a celebration of everyday life and the joy of every day – thanks to this in one way or another Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world.

How to arrange the interior in the style of hygge?

internal device According to Danish philosophy, it is simpler than it seems. It is not necessary to change the appearance of the entire apartment – the main elements are here Small items make the space more comfortable. It is worth investing in some Thick warm blanket (fleece preferred) Put it on the sofa in the living room or on the bed in the bedroom. Such a small measure will immediately make rest more pleasant. Addition is also a great solution More pillows Preferably in some interesting patterns. It also plays a very important role in this case a light. All species must not be missing Lights, candles or lanterns. The best option, however, is classic fireplace Danes love it. The correct play of light creates a warm atmosphere and changes the mood in the whole room.

In case House furniture, This works better Scandinavian style in bright colors. It is also popular Use old versions And renew it so that it can please the eye again. We can paint it lightly or cover it with some fun material. All movements that will make the interior more comfortable, are allowed! However, the walls must also be kept in bright colors. Let’s not forget about the decorations in the form of frames, bamboo baskets or old rugs. These are with Natural raw materials (such as leather or wood)Very timeless, it blends softly with the rest of the minimalist accessories.

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Why is the hygge style becoming more popular?

Hygge style interior decoration It is becoming more and more popular. It can be easily concluded that even the last positions in the world through it We spend most of our free time inside our four walls. No wonder then that we want to be where we can be Cute and aesthetic. After all, our mood is influenced not only by the people we surround ourselves with, but primarily by the space in which we live. Let us remember – Clear space equals pure thoughts and this in turn contributes to a happier life.

Try it yourself and invite hygge style into your home.