Almost all high schools teach in mixed mode on Thursday, 99.4 percent. Elementary schools worked in grades 1 to 3 in full-time mode, and in grades 4 to 8 in mixed mode. 99.6% of the classes were held in the camp. Kindergarten – MEiN reported.

7,809 high schools operated in coeducational mode, which is about 100 percent. who are they. In three secondary schools, distance learning has been conducted.

The Ministry of Education and Science announced that on Thursday, in 14,320 elementary schools, in grades 1-3, classes were held fixed, and in grades 4-8 – hybrid mode, a rate of 99.4 per cent. who are they. One of the primary schools teaches remotely, and in mixed mode – 89 units.

15,200 kindergartens and pre-school educational institutions worked in static mode (99.6%). 5 kindergartens working remotely and 61 mixed kindergartens.

This data shows the status of Thursday the 13th and they come from school principals.

The board of directors decides about the transition of the kindergarten, pre-school or school education institution to another unstable employment position, with the consent of Sanepid, after learning of the epidemic situation in the facility.

On Monday, students in grades four through eight of elementary and high schools, who have been studying remotely since the end of October, began their nationwide co-education, with half of the students studying at the school and half at home.

Pupils in grades 1-3 of elementary schools began full-time education on May 4. Kindergartens and preschool units – kindergarten and other forms of preschool education – have been operating throughout the country since April 19, as well as nurseries and clubs for young children.

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