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Croatian Grand Prix. Relationship

The first start on the course and the first win for the favourite, because Zammarzlik is a certainty for the title of third world champion in his career due to the suspension of the Russian motorcycle riders.

The Pole did not disappoint on Saturday.

Polish-Danish final

The final was Polish-Danish, because Maciej Janowski was riding alongside Zmarzlik, and Ander Thomsen and Mikkel Michaelsen tried to spoil their ranks.

Zmerzlik has been in the lead from the start. He never gave up the lead from the first lap to the last. On the other hand, Janowski had an exciting battle for second place with Michelsen. In the end, two Poles were happy. Especially the first.

Video: Eurosport Zmarzlik won the Croatian Grand Prix, Janowski won 2.

– I won for the first time at the opening of the course. I love the highway. I am very happy – Zmerzlik did not hide his joy.

This is his sixteenth victory in the tournament.

In a moment there was Mazurka Dąbrowski. The winner is clearly affected. The Polish anthem was played for the first time in the season. Maybe not the last.

Source: Eurosport Results after the Croatian Grand Prix final

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List of regular participants in Grand Prix 2022:

Bartosz Szmarzlik (Poland)
Maciej Janowski (Poland)
Fredrik Lindgren (Sweden)
Ty and Wenden (Great Britain)
Leon Madsen (Denmark)
Max Frick (Australia)
Jason Doyle (Australia)
Robert Lambert (Great Britain)
Anders Thomsen (Denmark)
Martin Vaculik (Slovakia)
باawicz Przybinski (Poland)
Mikkel Michaelsen (Denmark)
Patrick Dudek (Poland)
Jack Holder (Australia)
Dan Bewley (Great Britain)

2022 Grand Prix schedule:

April 30 – Jurikan (Croatia)
May 14 – Warsaw
May 28 – Prague (Czech Republic)
June 4 – Tetero (Germany)
June 25 – Gorzów Wlkp.
August 13 – Cardiff (Wales)
August 27 – Wroclaw
September 10 – Funes (Denmark)
September 17 – Melilla (Sweden)
October 1 – Toruń
November 5 – Oceania

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