Microsoft Flight Simulator is a live weather module game: a real-time weather generation system based on real weather data from around the world. In this way, the real Hurricane Ida appeared in the game, and the players, in turn, decided to fly into its center.

Yesterday, Hurricane Ida was the size of the whole of Poland. Nature’s destructive wrath has struck the United StatesForcing hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate. The hurricane exploded at a speed of 240 km / h, and its strength temporarily diverted the course of the Mississippi River! Ida is said to be the biggest hurricane to hit the US in 15 years, although it has weakened significantly in size in the past hours. The devastating force has cut nearly a million Americans from the power grid, and hurricane losses remain to be analyzed.

Ida’s dangerous beauty can be seen by players around the world and come face to face with the tornado.

Although Hurricane Ida is a very dangerous weather phenomenon, players were given a unique opportunity to stand in the middle of a powerful tropical cyclone. All this from the level of your sofa in the living room or a desk in the office. This is the result of the unique capabilities of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is an absolute technological breakthrough. MFS is the entire globe, with all its mountains, rivers, lakes, roads and forests, fit into a video game, on a one-on-one scale. There simply was no such thing before.

Microsoft Flight Simulator He is pleased not only to give the entire planet in the hands of players, but also a realistic weather system. Networked players can use the live weather option, which generates exactly the same weather in the virtual world as outside the window. If it’s raining in Balice, we’ll also land in heavy rain in the game. The system works great in practice, focusing on the climatic diversity of individual countries, regions, and continents.

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Make Hurricane Ida live weather appear in Microsoft Flight Simulator. A virtual tornado is exactly where its real and extremely dangerous counterpart is. So players grabbed the shuttles, raised their devices into the air and set off to face the severe weather phenomenon. The views that awaited them are breathtaking:

It’s not often that real-world weather translates into a major video game event that mobilizes the fan community. What I appreciate most is Microsoft, implementing solutions like the live weather system in their flight simulator. Thanks to him, Flight Simulator can offer players unique experiences, which some virtual pilots will experience every few, several, or even several dozen years.

You have to admit there is some kind of magic.