Already on Thursday, the Met Office raised the weather alert level to the red level for Wales. The front that forms over the Atlantic Ocean is moving towards the east.

On Friday, on the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of the British Isle, winds reached 122 miles per hour. That’s about 200 kilometers per hour on the metric scale. Thanks to this, Eunice set a record in the history of weather in England.

The famous O2 Arena in North Greenwich, East London (formerly known as the Millennium Dome), which was the largest dome in the world at the time of its construction, and which now houses concert halls, the exhibition center and other entertainment venues, has lost much of its roofing strength. Therefore, the Friday concert of the popular pop group The Fugees muzial will be cancelled.

Railways to and from London were also disrupted. Wnet Radio journalists, who had traveled from a meeting with Piotr Wilczek, the new Polish ambassador to the United Kingdom, were long stuck at Kinga Cross station, one of the most important points serving rail traffic towards northern England and Scotland. The reasons were falling trees and damage to materials lying on the rails.

Current press reports show that many other stations in London, as well as the most important airports, have also suffered from the liquidity problem of the transport service.

Storm Eunice is heading towards Europe, and soon it is also expected in Poland, where appropriate warnings have already been issued and its first effects are already noticeable.

Issa Smallark

Alex Swinsky

London studio

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