Peter Markie Zay has won the primaries and will be the joint candidate of the Hungarian opposition as prime minister next spring. He declared that after his eventual victory he would imprison those who “stealed from state funds” and that he would want to withdraw the provisions by which the current prime minister consolidated his power. Who is Viktor Urban’s opponent?

Peter Markie Z., 49, is an economist, marketer, and engineer by profession. He is a devout Catholic, father of seven children. He became known on the Hungarian political scene in 2018, when he unexpectedly won the elections as a candidate for all opposition formations in the southern city of Hodmezoevasarhely, which Fidesz under Viktor Orban had ruled for decades. He is the founder of the social organization Joint Movement Hungary (MMM). Marki-Zay was once a supporter of Fidesz, but he claims to be inconsistent with the policy that this party has been pursuing since 2010.

Defeated Clara Dobrev

Peter Markey Zay defeated left-wing Clara Dobrev in the primaries. He will be the opposition’s joint candidate for prime minister in the elections to be held next spring.

The opposition candidate presents himself as acceptable to both left-wing and conservative voters. He claims that his conservative and family-oriented personality will ensure him victory in next year’s elections. Orbán’s consistent worldview may make it difficult for Fides to discredit Markie Z. on the campaign trail.

– In the next elections we will decide whether we will be free, and whether Hungary will remain a European country, or will it sink, turn to the East and become a corrupt dictatorship – the candidate emphasized.

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Peter Markie ZayPAP / Environmental Protection Agency

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He wants the euro currency and a referendum to amend the constitution

Marky Z announced that when he came to power, he would imprison whoever “committed theft with state money”. He pledged to organize a referendum to amend Orban’s constitutional texts.

The opposition candidate also wants to return more power to local governments and repeal provisions by which Orbán consolidated his power. Marquis Zy also supports the adoption of the euro currency.

The first coalition of the opposition before the parliamentary elections

This year, the six largest opposition parties – the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP), Jobbik, environmental party Polityka May Be Different, Liberal Momentum, Democratic Alliance (KD) and Eco-Liberal Dialogue – decided to form an alliance for the first time before the parliamentary elections in Spring 2022 .

Main image source: PAP / Environmental Protection Agency