According to almost complete data (98.95% of the vote counted), Hungary’s ruling Fidesz-KDNP coalition won 135 seats in the 199-seat parliament, thus obtaining a constitutional majority. The united opposition, which fielded only one candidate in each single-member constituency for the first time, would win just 35 seats.

Parliamentary elections in Hungary. Fidesz is clearly in the lead

Hungary’s ruling conservative Fidesz party clearly won Sunday’s parliamentary elections, securing a two-thirds majority in…

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Surprisingly good result of the ruling coalition between Fidesz and the Christian Democratic People’s Party on Sunday Parliamentary elections in Hungary On Monday, the Hungarian press highlighted the opposition’s defeat.

“Take the opposition”

“For the fourth time in a row, a 2/3 majority!” For Fidesz-KDNP ”, confirms the Origo portal. The newspaper “Nepszava” writes about “a bigger unexpected slap to the opposition than in 2018”.

According to still incomplete data, Fidesz can count on 135 seats in the 199-seat parliament, and the opposition coalition – only 35.. Unexpectedly, the far-right party “Our Motherland”, which won seven seats, and a representative of German citizenship, which supported Fidesz with its vote in the previous session, unexpectedly entered parliament.

No polls predicted such a huge advantage for the ruling coalition, nor for the entry of our nation’s parliament.

The united opposition split before the elections

The telex portal confirmed that “Fidesz managed to improve the result of 2018 in all provinces (provinces),” adding that the result of the opposition will now be divided into six parts, because according to the agreement each of the opposition parties will appear in Parliament separately.

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The media quoted the words of the Prime Minister Victor Urban After the almost complete results announced that the ruling coalition had won a “big victory”, the opposition candidate for prime minister Peter Markie Zay said he did not question the other party’s victory, but rather that “this election can be democratic and free”.

Telex reports that Fidesz scored a significant victory in the one-person constituencies, winning as many as 88 out of 106. However, Origo maintains that Apparently Marky Z. lost in his constituency (in Csongrad-Csanad province in southeastern Hungary) to Fidesz-KDNP candidate Janos Lazar.

Electoral law in Hungary

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According to Hungarian law, 106 deputies are elected in single-member constituencies, and the rest are elected according to the de Hondt system.

The political scientist Richard Saintpeteri Nagy assessed in the daily newspaper “Nepszava” this One of the reasons for the opposition’s failure was that before the October primaries, which were to unite the electorate, the parties included in the coalition focused not on the elections, but on fighting among themselves.which “on the one hand consumed enormous financial resources, and on the other hand mobilized the electorate unnecessarily six months before the elections”.

Anti-vaccines and debilitating resistance

The (opposition) parties have been exhausted, and it was Peter Marche Z. who campaigned before the April elections, who was promoted to candidate for prime minister by not (all) opposition voters, but rather more than-representation of supporters from Budapest, forcing Will in the Provinces” assessment of Szentpeteri Nagy.

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In his opinion, our homeland successfully used the anti-vaccine position in society in the campaign.

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