In an open letter, Russian human rights activists wrote that Alexei Navalny, in their opinion, is “slowly being killed” in the penal colony. “The situation is appalling,” – emphasized the authors of the letter. They indicated that the measures taken by the prison guards were “inhuman” and contrary to the standards applied in the world.

And the Russian opposition was announced this week Protest starving. According to his colleagues, he currently weighs 85 kg, down 8 kg compared to the pre-strike weight.

Russia. Alexei Navalny could end up in prison

Earlier, the letter in defense of Alexei Navalny was signed by more than 1500 doctors demanding that the penal colony leadership provide the opposition with adequate medical assistance. Alexei Navalny reported that he was suffering from severe back pain that caused partial paralysis in one leg and numbness in the other.

He also claims that prison guards intimidated him mentally. Navalny writes, first in his blog and then in a letter to the head of the prison service, that he is woken up every hour. This procedure is provided for in Russian law against persons who are considered “ready to flee”. Guards enter Alexei Navalny’s cell hourly at night and light a flashlight in his eyes to see if he escaped. Some Russian psychologists have indicated in public statements that sleep deprivation leads to this chorb And death.

Alexei Navalny in a penal colony

Alexei Navalny is being held in the NR prison colony. 2 in Pokrov. Internet entries signed in his name show that he was sentenced to six reprimands within two weeks. Requests for punishment may be submitted by fellow prisoners and guards. Inmates are reprimanded for violating labor camp rules. In Navalny’s case, it’s because he was wearing a short-sleeved shirt to a meeting with a lawyer, and another together He woke up ten minutes early.

In February, a Moscow court sent Alexei Navalny to a labor camp for two years and eight months. The politician was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months imprisonment in 2014. The international community is protesting the ruling against Navalny.

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According to some Russian opponents, Alexei Navalny is a personal prisoner President Russia Wadimera Butina. “Vladimir Putin bears full responsibility for the life of the opponent,” Lev Schlossberg, a politician from the Yabloko party, wrote last week on the Echo of Moscow blog. According to Lew Szlosberg, Russian labor camps are places where people are humiliated and their lives ruined. The Yabloko politician asserted that political prisoners in Russia are imprisoned in penal colonies not as punishment, but as revenge. In his opinion, what is happening with Alexei Navalny is torture, and every act invented and planned by sadists.