No one will come up with such a scenario! According to Entrea journalists, the England national team, made up of two members of the “Sons of Albion” coaching staff, accused our team of using racist terms. The case is being handled by FIFA.

Remember that all the confusion happened after the referee’s final whistle in the first half. While the fans were still in the stadium, they witnessed a great deal of confusion. The main role was played by Kamil Celik, who allegedly insulted an Englishman on a racist basis.

– At first we didn’t see what it was about, and when we realized that they wanted to convince us to be racist, we were shocked. It was a play under the belt – said a witness, citing Interia Sport.

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Two members of the England national team coaching staff have reported alleged racist insults to a FIFA delegate. The case will be looked into by the FIFA, and the English and Polish servants will conduct their investigations.

– Nothing like that happened. During the first half, the English complained to the referee about the use of racially offensive words against one of their players. However, this is just nonsense. If this is the case, the case will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee, which will decide on the basis of the repetition of the video. However, I can guarantee that the competitors’ accusations are unfounded – confirmed PZPN spokesperson Jacob Kwiatkowski in an interview with WP Sportowe Fakty.

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The ominous atmosphere among the contestants was also inflamed after Kyle Walker refused to shake Glick’s hand. This situation was mentioned on Twitter by the former president of the Polish Football Association, Zbigniew Buniek.

If it is proven that Glick or any of the representatives of the Polish national team insult their opponent on a racial basis, then severe penalties can be imposed. FIFA has been very sensitive to this type of crime for many years.

We’ll keep you posted on what to do next.

An interview with Kamil Celik after the England match:

Wednesday’s match between Poland and England as part of the World Cup qualifiers in Qatar ended in a 1-1 draw.

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