Huawei intends to sidestep the US and sell its smartphones under a different brand. It would be beneficial in the short term, but what does that mean for the Polish customer?

The cat-and-mouse game on the USA-Huawei line is in full swing. At the moment, the cat in this game is the most powerful United States, which has legal mechanisms to exclude a large company from the game on more and more new levels – access to Google services is not over yet, because Huawei also has limited access to component purchases .

However, it recently managed to launch Huawei Nova 9 phones, He is in Poland – Nova 9 twin brother honor 50Which, by a strange coincidence, we would not buy from the Vistula. Interestingly enough, this is not the end of the copy attack, because Huawei has begun to implement its plan for a temporary return.

Hello Nova 9 is Huawei Nova 9 in disguise

This is the sale of the Nova 9 smartphone by the brand China Post Communication Equipment Co. Ltd .. The company deals with widely understood communications and sales, so it is ideal for this – the marketing campaign has already begun, the release date of the smartphone has also been announced.

Huawei fans should mark December 2 on the calendar, because this is the time Hi nova 9 will debut. A simple note, but it changes a lot – is it enough to cheat Joe Biden and score goals for the Americans? Sure, for a while, because legally, the Hi Nova 9 will be a brand new phone without penalties.

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Unfortunately, in the long run, the China Post Communication Equipment brand may put the entire company on the line, because the United States writes on Entity List Huawei affiliates. So the contract with Huawei should be very beneficial for them.

As for Polish ManiaK, it does not add much yet, because the selected Hi Nova will debut in China. There, it will no longer have Google services (but for other reasons, not because of US restrictions) that can appear in the global version. I honestly believe that Huawei will win this match and be able to free itself from dubiously justified penalties.

Huawei’s new hope for the return of the king: Huawei Nova 9 – short first impressions