The undeniable fact is that during lockdown, television saves the mental state of many of us. How about being able to watch Polish TV shows and movies in the UK or anywhere else in the world? How?

You are sitting comfortably in your chair and within minutes you can access Netflix PL using NordVPN.

You may not know that the movies and shows available on Netflix and Amazon Prime vary depending on which country you are in, while Sky TV, BBCiPlayer and NowTV are not available outside the UK. So if you want to watch anything on the network device with Polish IP, it will not be possible as your access to it will be blocked.

Similarly, when you try to access Netflix UK from the UK, you will likely see the message “We have a problem displaying your miles” or “Oops, something went wrong”.

do not worry. There is a fast, legal and easy way to unblock streaming sites from anywhere – Use NordVPN and try again.

How does NordVPN unblock content?

NordVPN is an app that will assign your device a Polish IP address, giving you access to all the content you normally watch in Poland. But in the case of Poland, that’s not all: NordVPN lets you access your content from 59 countriesto which access would be otherwise restricted. Simply select a country and NordVPN will change your IP address to the IP address assigned to that country.

its enough Download NordVPN App تطبيق, select a country from the list and click “Connect”. Now all the websites you visit will know that you are in that country and will open up a whole new world of entertainment for you. Who isn’t interested in this during lockdown?

NordVPN works on laptops, computers, Android TV, tablets, routers, and smartphones. After registering, you can use your NordVPN login On any 6 devices At the same time!

As an added bonus, NordVPN can also be useful for caching by hiding your web traffic from your ISP.

Internet Service Providers Track your activities Online and if you use a lot of data, it intentionally slows down your connection – so all users have the same average speed, even if you pay extra for the increased bandwidth. So if you find that you are waiting too long for a show or movie to load, contact NordVPN quickly and you will easily notice the difference.

but that is not all. NordVPN also encrypts your traffic and the files you upload, protecting your sensitive personal and financial information from hackers. This is a win-win situation.

Try NordVPN without any risks and discover new movies and TV shows from all over the world.