Google collects data about everything it does while using its products and services. Sometimes this data is sold to advertisers; It is sometimes used to make Google products easier to use.

For example, Google uses data from Gmail, Chat, and Meet to make the entire Google user experience more relevant, like what He’ll learn to write and suggest automatic responses to messages (hopefully) that look natural.

However, some people do not want their data to be tracked and stored, regardless of the amenities it provides. While there are already ways to change Gmail’s data collection behavior – more on that in a second – it will soon be easier to unsubscribe from Google Tracking thanks to two new settings in Gmail. Roll out in the coming weeks.

First, users will now have the option to disable Gmail’s “smart features” such as smart typing, smart reply, and more. While these come in handy, Google has to access your Gmail, Meet, and Chat data for it to work.

The other setting allows users to prevent Gmail, Chat, and Meet data from being used in other Google apps. Just like disabling smart features, turning off Personalization removes some amenities like content suggestions in Google Search, restaurant recommendations in Google Maps, or automated bill payment reminders from the Google Assistant. You might lose a little help, but you’ll at least keep Google out of your inbox a little more.

Turn off Gmail’s smart features and personalization options in the settings menu

These new permissions will appear as automatic prompts for all Gmail users in the coming weeks. However, if you prefer not to wait, you can change (some) Gmail data preferences in Gmail settings now. Check out Gmail, then visit Settings> General To turn off the following options:

  • Clever authorship
  • Smart typing assignment
  • Batches
  • Clever response

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A screen shot: Brendan Hess

After that, go to Settings> Inbox. Uncheck all categories of incoming mail and turn it off Signs of Importance.

You can change how other Gmail data is used by going to Settings> Accounts & Import> Other Google Account Settings.

Don’t worry if you don’t know these features collect your data; It is not mentioned anywhere in the Gmail settings. Thankfully, the new user options are much clearer about how smart features work and how Google uses the data it collectsEd.