Epic has officially announced Flash, and has revealed specific dates.

Flash will be officially available tomorrow. Everything is, of course, within the standard tournament. The skin will not be particularly rare. It will usually arrive at the store in a few days.

“From 1:00 CET on Sunday, February 14th, the Flash Collection will illuminate the store alongside the rest of the range.”

The complete set includes several different items. These are:

  • Flash Costume: Jump into battle as Barry Allen.
  • Speed ​​Force Ax: With this ax made of two ascending thunderbolts, lightning strikes twice.
  • Power of Speed ​​Backpack: Display the electrified flash logo.
  • Quick sting code: Time for a quick bite.

How do you get the skin?

As we read on the official website:

On February 10, we celebrate Flash’s arrival in Fortnite with The Flash Cup’s Duos showdowns. Jump aboard the Battle Bus with your companion and play up to 10 matches together in 3 hours. Top couples from every region will unlock the Flash Outfit and Force of Speed ​​Backpack before they are released in store.

So there is only a tournament tomorrow where you will have to complete as many Double Eliminations as possible.

You can win leather with a backpack. Other items cannot be received without paying.

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