Building or renovating a home always requires the purchase of new furniture. We often use the help of designers who know their stuff and plan our space so that it is both aesthetic and functional. However, many people choose to do this on their own. Then there is often a problem with the proper furnishing of some rooms. Here are some tips that will help you arrange a small kitchen combined with a dining room in such a way as to preserve their working environment.

Practical solutions that take up little space

Initially, you should plan the arrangement of kitchen furniture, that is, all furniture with shelves and electrical appliances. In order to get as much space as possible for the possible dining area, we must choose furniture arranged in one line or in the shape of the letter L. This solution will provide us with at least one free wall next to which we can place a stylish table and chairs for the kitchen, available on the website

Let’s stop at the tables for a moment. If we eat meals in a small group every day, but in exceptional circumstances we host a larger number of people, then the folding tables available on the website will certainly be the best option: It is the perfect solution to save a lot of space. Depending on the current needs, we can adjust its size, which often increases twice.

The walls have great potential in terms of the possibility of placing additional elements on them. If you want to save space in the lower parts of the kitchen, let’s place wide cabinets and shelves in the higher parts of it. However, it is worth doing it on a wall that already contains cabinets and other furniture to preserve the illusion of visually larger space in the room.

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Among other practical solutions, there are also pull-out baskets on the rails in which we can store spices, pasta or other foods. The ladies of the house also appreciate portable lockers that can be placed anywhere, as needed.

Adhering to the principle of the work triangle

The working triangle principle applies to any kitchen, regardless of its size. It is about the appropriate division of space, which will not only provide greater usability, but also allow the preparation of quick and efficient meals. According to this principle, the kitchen should be divided into three zones:

  • inventory and warehousing,
  • preparation and washing,
  • to cook.

Every triangle has a head, and the kitchen triangle should contain its most important parts, such as the refrigerator, sink, and stove. This furniture arrangement will ensure ergonomics even in kitchens of very small sizes. In addition, the use of light colors on both walls and furniture will visually enlarge the room.