We suggest ways to arrange both a small veranda on the ground and a spacious roof terrace. Most apartment dwellers can only dream of having their own balcony. So if you are one of the lucky owners of such a space, do not waste its potential. Create a relaxation area and, if possible and necessary, also create a barbecue area, a children’s play area, and maybe even a small vegetable garden or greenhouse.

What balcony floor will work in the building?

The choice of floor material may depend on whether the balcony is located on the ground, on the first floor or on the roof, the angle of inclination, etc. Wooden panels are very popular, because they are warm, but not so much heat from the sun as synthetic plastic. However, they require impregnation, oiling 1-2 times per season, and wood prices are very high. Composite panels are an alternative. They look the same, but are easier to maintain.

In the case of terraces on the floor, paving stones, concrete slabs or stone are often used, but the balcony above the room may not support such a heavy structure.

They are worth looking at balcony tilesThat will work on any type of balcony. They are very durable, and among the designs available you will also find those that imitate wood, concrete or stone. In addition to Glaze It is very easy to clean and requires no special treatments to keep it flawless for years.

Idea for arranging a small balcony

If you have little space at your disposal, it is worth choosing smart solutions, perhaps folding furniture and, of course, the current modern minimalism. The decor should depend on the purpose of the balcony. With more family members of different ages, it will definitely be difficult to arrange a place for everyone. Adjust the number of seats and table size according to the number of people and the size.

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The advantage of a small balcony is that it is easy to create the effect of a warm and comfortable space. It is enough to take care of accessories, textiles and proper lighting. Colorful and soft pillows on the chairs, rugs, woven blankets on the armchairs, curtains that ensure intimacy – these are details that create an atmosphere that encourages you to immerse yourself in them.

If you care a lot about greenery and flowers, use hanging pots, tall stands or boxes arranged vertically one above the other. It does not take up much space and allows for an interesting arrangement. The boxes can also be used as shelves for blankets, pillows, or mugs.

For pleasant evenings on the terrace, install garlands of lamps that give a warm shade of light.

Rooftop Terrace – Take advantage of the charm of the open space

Sunbathing, stargazing and a beautiful view of the blue sky are the advantages of having a balcony on the top floor of the building. How about a sun lounger, a hammock on a stand or a cocoon hammock? Large bean bags or a buffet is also a good idea, of course make sure they have a waterproof fabric.

Despite the advantages of a rooftop terrace, it also requires a bit of a roof, allowing you to relax and eat meals even in hot weather. An extendable canopy or canopy will be perfect for this, which can be hidden at any time and enjoy the amazing effect of being close to the sky.