Angela Merkel, like all previous chancellors, is entitled to a monthly pension. After so many years in Parliament, there will be many. The calculations of the German Taxpayers Association show that it will be 15,000. euro.

The Taxpayers On Demand Association said these pension claims stem from Merkel’s many years of membership in the Bundestag, as well as from her tenure as federal minister and chancellor. Earlier, Al-Rowad reported these accounts.

Right to office and employees

pension rights Subject to the law in Germany. For membership in the Bundestag, the Law of Deputies applies, and for membership in the Federal Government, the Law of Federal Ministers. Under Article 20 of the Law of Representatives, Merkel, for example, is entitled to a maximum of 65%. Membership allowance for her nearly 31 years in Parliament. However, different pension benefits are offset against each other.

Like all former chancellors and former federal presidents, Angela Merkel will also have the right to her own office. In addition, there will be funding for an office manager, assistants, a secretary and a driver.