To be among the richest 1 percent, the United States needs $4.4 million; In Germany – 2 million, in the Congo … 20 thousand. Gap.

Top 1 percent – often quoted, sometimes slandered, but never defined The level of net wealth that represents the entry threshold into this very narrow society varies greatly between countries and territories. Interestingly, he is far from the UHNWI definition adopted by Knight Frank – someone who has a net worth of over $30 million. Even in Monaco, which has the world’s richest population. The minimum entry point for the most exclusive club in the world is 1 percent. School principals is 7.9 million.

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Swiss home banking comes in second, with a bottom line of $5.1 million. They occupy the next place United States of AmericaIt houses the largest number of UHNWIs. Here, the ticket to the 1 percent state is $4.4 million.

fourth place Singapore has the highest incomes in Asia – $2.9 million.a little forward Hong Kong, with a fortune of $2.8 million. The same entry threshold you set New Zealand – 80 thousand gap. More than you’ll need in neighboring Australia.

Argentina has the highest entry fee for Latin America – 360,000. Gap.While the highest percentage in Africa is in South Africa at $180,000. Emerging economies – Indonesia and Kenya have thresholds below the 1% level of Monaco 60 thousand, respectively. And 20 thousand gap. India has the same threshold as Indonesia – 60,000. Gap. – But there is a population of UHNWI 10 times larger than in Indonesia and 14 times larger than in the Philippines. Rising wealth makes predictions that India’s threshold will nearly double in the next five years.

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Eastern Europe is not widely represented in the Knight Frank Wealth Report. NS Russia’s minimum entry set is 1 percent. The richest 400,000 gap., for Romania – 300,000 Poland is not included…

Of course, there are more countries in Western Europe. In Ireland, the minimum is 2.6 million US dollars, in France – 2.1 million US dollars, in Germany – 2 million US dollars, in Great Britain – 1.8 million US dollars, and in Spain and Italy – 1.4 million US dollars.