Streep played a role in creating Orleans fashion sensibilities, which she said captures something fundamental about the character, “What if she’s 70 and dresses like 35?” I explained. “No one told her you couldn’t be 35 forever.” This means that the clothes are modeled after TV presenters, who, according to Streep, “tend to choose these huge areas of bright, cheerful color to lay over them—no prints, no polka dots, no rugs or, God forbid, flowers… something other people wear. Just those Power suits and short skirts. He also advocated a particular hair style: “When I was in high school I held your hair in rollers and then pulled and combed it 100 times,” Streep said. That’s better. Then it is sprayed, trimmed, and the ends wrinkled in a strange way. this thing. Oh my God, I wouldn’t do that in my real life.”

All that advance planning may not fully prepare you for the demands of the presidency, as Streep discovered the day she was shot. She spent several weeks in isolation because the actors were asked to do so during the pandemic. Then, on the appointed day, she said, “I huddled in my huge coat, put my dog ​​in the back of my car, drove through a blizzard to Worcester, Mass., got off the field and parked.” There Streep said, “They tried to push me away in several places to sit on the set. I said no, I’m in it. Streep in hairstyles, make-up and costumes, entered the stage where she saw her face on the Jumbotron and heard her belated voice as she spoke to a crowd of several hundred extras. “I just lost it,” she said. “I thought: Well, of course I should retire. I can not do that. I can’t actually do that. It was really a crisis of confidence. Needless to say, Streep found clues for her, but she said, “It took a while.”

As in his films like Step Brothers and Anchorman: Legend of Ron Burgundy, McKay allowed for improvisation in Don’t Look Up, and the director said Streep has a talent for dialogue and impromptu reactions. “Her character barely cares about the awful things people say to her or how horrible she is,” McKay said. “He has absolute rudeness that can be mistaken for self-confidence.”

Streep – who just graduated “Let everyone talk” Steven Soderbergh’s film that includes entirely improvised dialogue before filming “Don’t Look” wasn’t immediately seen as a commercial. But he enjoys the process and admires colleagues who can show off their expertise. “The actors are getting a rudimentary deal,” she said. “People think they’re idiots. But most of the good actors I know are really smart — I haven’t watched their math, but I don’t care. Being able to get that glow out of the air is really a form of writing. It’s amazing that people are so good at it.”