The British royal family is known for its commitment to traditional values. What were the original Christmas customs at the court of Queen Elizabeth II? Many of them can come as a real surprise.

british royal family It is the most popular property in the world with a loyal fan base beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.
Queen Elizabeth II The surroundings are actually an element of popular culture. References to the property can be found in films and series. Many visits have been written telling the fascinating history of the palace, an example being the hugely popular movie “The Crown”. No wonder every leak of information from the court becomes a media success. In recent years, the palace dispute with
Meghan Markle And Prince Harry. It is said in the media that the royal couple refused the Queen’s invitation to the holiday.

It’s no secret that the British royal family is known for their attachment to protocol and traditions that may seem quite original. And it is no different from the upcoming Christmas, which is also celebrated in a special way in the palace. There is no shortage of curiosity that may surprise even loyal fans of Elizabeth II and her relatives.

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How does the British royal family celebrate Christmas? Interesting traditions at the court of Elizabeth II

This year’s Christmas at the royal court will be a little different. In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the Queen has had to cancel a special dinner attended by dozens of people each year. However, there is likely to be a traditional Christmas tree, or in fact three trees that traditionally stand at Buckingham Palace. On the Sandringham estate, the Christmas tree was traditionally decorated by the Queen herself. The royal family also prepares special Christmas cards for up to 700 people from all over the world.

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Christmas gifts are received not only by members of the British royal family, but also by friends and even court officials. It is said that Elizabeth II gives more than 1,500 gifts every year. On December 24, a gala dinner is held in Sandringham where the family exchanges gifts. This is a unique tradition, because gifts in Great Britain usually open on December 25. That evening, the palace chef was invited for a glass of traditional whiskey, the only such day of the year.

What is surprising about the traditional monarchy are the silly and impractical gifts that show the sense of humor of the members of the court. The Queen was to receive a sharp rubber chicken, and Prince Philip a lighted pepper mill. the father.
Princess Katewho gave her husband a “Grown up Girl” figurine that he grew up in after being placed in a water tank.

Hunting organized on December 26 was a tradition of the British monarchy. However, it was abandoned due to protests from animal advocates. However, Boxing Day is still celebrated, when family members visit their relatives.