Hats are one of the most stylish hats for fall/winter 2021/22. Do you like it but don’t know how to wear it? We checked out how Parisian IT girls and other fashion designers do it. We advise you how to comb the hat, and what clothes it fits.

Among the fashionable headdresses for the fall-winter season 2021/22, hats are on top. Both are fashionable traditional hats with antenna (or without it), which has been restored in favor of the main character in the popular Netflix movie “Emily in Paris”, and leather hatsWhich was worn by her blonde friend Camille. They also break records for popularity Hats with a visor, any hats baker boy. The top influencers have now lost their heads especially! Fashion also looked positive Mohiro PerettiWhich is back on the wave of knitwear fashion (in winter we wear it from head to toe). This season, they take on expressive and intense colors. Find clues in the latest collection from Berenika Czarnota – a Polish designer who specializes in needlework.

The hats are worn, among other things, by Lea Neumann (main image), Alexa Chung, Taylor None or Chiara’s sister – Valentina Ferragni. Also in Poland: Jessica Mercedes, Camila Mraz (Cammy) and Harel. It can be replaced for a long time. Anyway, that was to be expected, because hats had previously appeared on the world’s most important catwalks. For the fall-winter season 2021/22, it was promoted by fashion houses such as: Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini, Versace and Max Mara. And they fell in love with Gigi and Bella Hadid. curiousity? This season, berets are equally popular among women and men. Designers argue that this is a unisex headdress. What’s more, before Coco Chanel introduced them to women’s fashion, it was being worn by men – more specifically by the working class. Artists were not involved with him either. Example? Rembrandt and Picasso.

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How do you wear a beret? The most classic method is very intuitive. We put the hat on the head relatively shallow – covering about a third of the height of the forehead (it can not fall, of course) – about 3 cm above the ears. The headdress can be slightly tilted – pull it to one side, especially since asymmetry is now fashionable. However, on cold days, the hat can be successfully pulled over the ears. And there you are!

come in. Getty Images

The cap works best with soft hairstyles – it does not lose its shape afterwards and stays well on the head. So it’s a good idea to loosen your hair, secure it in a low ponytail, or braid it into a braid. Parisians from Taylor La Shae at the helm, as well as local influencer Cammy, are living proof that a hat will create the most harmonious pair with a short bob. It’s hard to find a more elegant combination!

The question remains What suits a beret, That is, with what clothes and accessories to combine them. And this is where fashionistas come to the rescue, proving that in the fall-winter season 2021/22 it is best to wear it with a coat – from the timeless poncho, to the classic camel coat, to the success of this season. – a leather coat directly from the “Matrix” (it does not have to be black. A jacket would also be a good choice – a knitted jacket and a large men’s jacket. Oversized jackets, which we wear this season with jeans or midi skirts (for example in a pleated version) have Also popular and instead of a dress – after all, XXL models prevail. In combination with such clothes, a hat will definitely not look ordinary. Take a look at our gallery and get inspiration!

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