It is said that happy people do not count time, but not having a daily calendar can be very annoying. Day by day passes, and every day we wonder if today is only the fifteenth of a Wednesday or the seventeenth of a Friday. Then look around very quickly for the answer. This information will be shown to us through the calendar, which we can find almost everywhere. Especially useful in such a case can be a triple calendar, which thanks to the colored window will help us to read today’s date in a very easy way. An added benefit of trifold calendars is their general visual availability – just look around without having to search for the date, as in book calendars.

However, not only the person looking for information can make use of the calendar. Also, a person who wants to transfer some information can use the space provided by the triangular calendar. Photos, content, important information – all this can be in the calendar. The point of view is said to depend on the seated point of view. However, we can say at this point that the sitting point makes absolutely no sense here, because each side wins!

Three-piece calendar – What is worth knowing?

Trifold calendars are one of the most popular models of wall calendars. We meet them often and use them almost every day, but do we know anything more about them? Let’s start with the fact that three-fold calendars consist of two basic elements, the head and the back.

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The header is the top of the calendar with the graphics on it. Depending on the orthodontic model, the head can be flat, convex or laminated. The flat head is an extension of the back and has no convexity, the convex head mimics the effect of a pillow, while the laminate head is a solid version of the flat head. Each of them also has a variety of optimization options that affect the effectiveness of the final calendar design.

Their backs are the rest of the calendar, with calendar cards attached to it. The calendars are divided into three groups so that the current month, the previous month, and the next month are visible to the user. Calendars also have a color window that displays the date. Calendar copies are certainly functional oriented, but they also have a space, called the footer – you can put an ad banner or contact details on it, for example. The appendix is ​​at the bottom of the calendar.

The combination of these two components, namely the head and the back, creates a coherent whole in the form of a three-fold calendar, which is not only decorative, but also a very important element that forms an information point and system that facilitates work and organization.

Triple calendars as a business card

Trifold calendars are ideal gifts for contractors or clients, but not only. Also as an offer of the company, it is quite suitable, and therefore – performs a marketing function. Its individual shape and graphics allow you to create a calendar for the 21st century. There are no restrictions at the design stage of calendars, the only limitation may be your imagination.

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Additional improvements in the form of glossy, matte or soft-touch foil and selective UV varnish – make the calendar an exclusive.

And even more so – a huge set of improvements will allow you to make a calendar that fully meets all expectations. Original and stylish calendars will allow you to expand your horizons and expand the group of recipients, which is an important step for the work of the company. In addition, the original design with the company logo has a positive effect on the recognition of your brand. Most importantly – create a one time company calendar that will be in effect 365 days a year – because every day, throughout the year, it will remind all of your company owners.

In short, by choosing 3D calendars for the company, you will be taking a small step for humanity, but a big step towards the appreciation of the company.

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