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A large room is often valued more than a small room. However, sometimes it happens that the situation requires us to divide a large room to create two zones in it. Depending on the room, there are many ways to divide the room. If you are wondering how to divide a large room, take inspiration from the ideas we provided.

The room divider is the solution in many situations

One large room divided into two rooms to arrange a children’s room. It is common for siblings to not want to share a room because they need their own space. Therefore, in the event that there is no additional space in the house to separate the children, dividing them into two parts is a good solution. The same need may arise when we want to be in a big room Separate the living room from the dining roomA separate area for shared meals and a separate area for relaxing on the sofa. Another common problem at home is having a good place to work where you can focus. Thanks to interesting solutions for zoning a large room you can create A working corner in the living room or bedroom. Depending on your needs, you can separate a separate space in a large room.

How do you divide a large room?

tall bookcase

There is a way to separate two zones without much effort and do the work at low cost. like this solution A tall bookcase that can be placed in two spaces. You can choose different types of shelves – traditional in the form of a rectangle, in the form of stairs or modern asymmetric modules. Their task is not only to create two zones, but also to create a cozy atmosphere. Apart from books and pictures, you can also put potted flowers or other favorite trinkets on the shelves.

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When separating the cooking space from the space for relaxation, it is worth paying attention to the type of flooring. They will work fine vinyl planksIt is waterproof and at the same time has high durability, so the floor will not be damaged even under the shelf. Aquatus waterproof panels This is also the advantage of having a uniform floor. It’s a modern and elegant solution that, although the room is separated by a bookcase, gives it a cohesive and light composition.

glass door

If you can put a modern accent in the interior, it will be an interesting solution ArtificialAnd glass door. This idea would be perfect for a large room with only one large window. Thus, you can isolate the working area in the living room or create a separate entrance to the dining room from the living room. Glass doors will give a modern and elegant look, and the permeable light will not lose the volume of a large room. If, for example, you need more discretion in your office, you can choose frosted glass, thanks to which the second room will not be visible.


If you can afford a major renovation in your apartment, divide a large room with a dividing wall. It is an ideal solution especially when you want to completely separate one space from another, for example in a fraternity room, and create two separate rooms.

When you decide to do this, pay attention to your flooring, because before laying the wall, you need to cut a “furrow” in the boards, because you can’t install anything, drill anything, etc. on the floorboards, including the partition wall. If you have the above vinyl planksYou can do such a renovation without worry, but always remember to protect each floor from possible mechanical damage during work and remember to read the assembly and use instructions.

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