“This is a planned production of four different films. Each of them will have their premiere for about three months. They will be combined and arranged into an epic format” – revealed Kevin Costner Marking the premiere of streaming platform Paramount+ in Great Britain. The most successful star of this platform is the series “Yellowstone”.

In April of this year, “Horizon” was announced, a production that will take place over fifteen years and will tell us about the settlement on the US western frontier. The heroes will be the settlers and the Indians who live in these lands. The project is currently in the casting stage. There will be up to 170 speaking roles in the films.

“It’s a beautiful and difficult story at the same time. Honestly, it will be about many women. There will be a place for men in it, but women will be the real strength of Horizon. We will talk about their daily lives in a very difficult world. They are often dragged by force, because their men want to go There. Then the women followed the men. They did not ask to stay in these turbulent and dangerous areas. And life was not easy there, Costner said to Miscellaneous.

The famous actor also explained that “Horizon” was sold as a TV movie project. “However, it all depends on the studio. The situation is changing rapidly now and it is difficult to keep up with the format in which viewers want to watch films,” he added. Work on the “Horizon” group is scheduled for 220 days. Filming for the first part will begin in the fall, and three more films will be shot simultaneously, starting in April 2023.

Costner is currently working on the set of the fifth season of the series “Yellowstone”, where he plays difficult breeder John Dutton.


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