Guerrilla Games reveal more details about Horizon Forbidden West. The creators are preparing players for the premiere and have confirmed the significant expansion of Aloy’s abilities – players will now have much greater options for personalizing the heroine.

Horizon Forbidden West will start in 58 days, so Guerrilla Games is revealing more details about the center. There is a big story about the adventure in the latest version of Game Informer, which confirms that this time we will have more customization options. All thanks to a very extensive skill tree.

Guerrilla Games decided to expand the abilities of the heroine and now we will invest the acquired ability points in six areas: Warrior (melee), Trapper (traps), Survivor (Health), Infiltrator (Stealth), Hunter (distance) and Machine Master (hacking). We can find about 20-30 skill in each place.

Most likely, during one session we will not be able to unlock all the skills, but during the game we often have to make difficult decisions to choose the abilities that are appropriate for our playing style.

The designers assured that some weapons and armor will improve some skills, so during the game we will be able to create real combos – so that our character fits the chosen style. Horizon Forbidden West will also offer more exciting side mission rewards that will encourage players to explore the world.

An important element of Horizon Forbidden West is a workshop in which we can improve our equipment – Guerrilla games seem to have listened to the opinions of the community and decided to expand the RPG elements. The developers also emphasized the full recovery of the shots, which, due to the facial animation and motion capture, will look much better.

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It is worth remembering that According to leaks, Horizon Forbidden West will be giant.