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There were more than 30 people present at just one party in the Holy Land

Police in South Belfast have issued 55 notifications of Covid and three ban notices in the Holyland area.

The officers visited on Thursday evening and in the early hours of Friday morning seven venues for concerts.

In one of the apartments, the items discovered by more than 30 people, 3 of them tried to hide by locking themselves in the bathroom.

Those released with notifications mostly have home addresses from all over the NI.

Ch Insp Gavin Kirkpatrick said it is “disappointing and frustrating that some people continue to ignore clear and specific advice, directions and warnings”.

Police patrols have intensified in Holyland as students return before the university resumes next week.

The police will continue to devote “substantial resources” to monitoring the area, and will work alongside the council and universities to address ongoing issues, said Tsch Insp Kirkpatrick.

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Belfast City Council is among the agencies that patrol the Holyland area

There was already Number of arrests And residents’ complaints About anti-social behavior.

Political parties called for greater intervention in the Holy Land to prevent student parties and the spread of infection.

“While a large number of people are acting responsibly, the police will vigorously handle all incidents of anti-social criminal activity,” said Tsch Insp Kirkpatrick.

He added: “Once again, I warn young people who have moved to the Holyland area and those who visit the area, you all share a responsibility to adhere to health protection regulations to protect yourself and others from Covid-19.

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With students returning to the Holy Land area this week, universities have warned that they will act against those who act against society

“Young people who congregate or travel to this area really need to think about their actions for their own health and the health of the community in this residential area.”

Universities issue warnings

Both Ulster University (UU) and Queen’s University have warned Students breaking Covid-19 guidelines will automatically face suspension.

Queens’ president, Professor Ian Greer, said those who break the regulations face “heavy penalties”.

A statement issued by the university said that the students faced penalties “amounting to expulsion”.

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