The prosecution accused the managers of Al-Huda Mosque in Jilin city of financing terrorism. One of them, an Arab, was accused. By giving the jihadist Islamic State money and goods worth 250,000. euro.

Likewise, Imam Stephan Z. , the most important person in the Huda Mosque, in front of the court. The Attorney General’s Office accused him of aiding Laarbie A., incl. Falsification of data on persons in the lists of recipients of goods in Syria.

The court did not share the prosecutor’s opinion on Friday and acquitted the men of all charges. The judge pointed out that even the prosecution files showed that Al-Arabi A. He only distributed humanitarian aid to refugees in Syria.

– The judge said that even if orders were issued in ISIS-controlled areas, the request for diapers and baby milk could hardly be considered financing terrorism, stressing that all the charges were unfounded.

The judge said sympathy with the Islamic State is controversial but in and of itself not punishable. One of the defendant’s lawyers at the hearing said that the prosecution relied heavily on negative media coverage of the mosque.

According to the daily “De Limburger”, in February 2017, police carried out a raid at 14 locations in southern Limburg. One of them was the Al-Huda Mosque in Glenn where weapons were found during the search, incl. Kalashnikov rifles.

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