On the 27th of July the 2022 Speedway of Nations will take place in Funes, Denmark and we recently met a wide range of teams taking part in this fast-paced event. All starting teams will perform in the strongest teams.

Speedway of Nations 2022 at Vojens

The FIM authorities have announced the teams participating in the competition MotoGP 2022 In Danish Vojens. Three contestants were selected for the competition by each team from among the five motorcyclists designated by each team. The team coaches made decisions about who would participate in the tournament.

The Polish national team will be one of the main candidates for the ultimate success. The thirst for victory between the Whites and the Reds is enormous, because so far, in the previous four editions of the cycle, they have never won. However, the current situation allows us to place our knights among the absolute favorites to win.

Nominations to represent Poland at the sprint festival – coach Rafay Dubroque send me: Bartosh ZmarzlikAnd the Maciej Janowski and Patrick Doddick. The three riders mentioned are full-time participants in Speedway Grand Prix racing.

Favorites in Denmark competitions, dates and formations

In addition to the Polish representation, experts see candidates for gold medals primarily in the countries hosting the competition. Their composition also looks great on paper: Leon Madsen, Mikkel Michaelsen, Anders Thomsen, Rasmus Jensen and Friedrich Jacobsen. thus The Danes have plenty of arguments for their ultimate victory.

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You have to remember about the great Australians (Jason Doyle, Max Frick, Jack Holder) and The defending champions – the British – should be kept in mind. They will perform in the following squad: Ty, Vinden, Robert Lambert and Daniel Bewley. The competition promises to be exciting.

Speedway of Nations schedule:

First semi-final – Wednesday 27 July:

Poland, Australia, Latvia, Germany, USA, Ukraine, Finland

Second semi-final – Thursday, July 28:

Great Britain, Sweden, France, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia

Final – Saturday 30 July:

Denmark plus the top three teams from the first semi-final and the top three teams from the second semi-final

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Anders Thomsen won the SGP Awards in Gorzów. Bartosh Zmarzlik on the podium