PlayStation fans know how to make the gaming community feel better. A petition has just been launched, the purpose of which is to persuade Hideo Kojima to end cooperation with Microsoft and move to the Sony website.

For some time now, there has been information in the air that Hideo Kojima wanted to collaborate with Microsoft. Just yesterday we heard about one letter of intent, which clearly indicates that the next production from the unfinished director will be created with the Xbox in mind, and not – as we are used to by the Japanese – PlayStation.

This information did not like the PlayStation community, which decided to make an unusual, even comical move. A player came up with the idea to create a petition (you can find it under this Link), whose mission is to encourage the developer to cancel the previously unannounced game aimed at Xbox. As stated in the description:

Kojima betrays his loyal fans. He was blinded by greed. We have to help him get back to the winning side.

At the time of writing, 97 people have signed the petition. Who knows, maybe in a few days, when most PlayStation owners hear about it, the number will exceed tens of thousands, and Kojima will be confused about which side to choose?