Starting a company from the capital of Great Britain is almost a new generation of virtual reality glasses. Headphones have never been so useful.

Viture One, a new chapter for fans of tech-packed glasses

Viture One is a thin eyeglass developed by London-based design agency Layer, and weighs just 78 grams. Only these grams are needed to provide virtual entertainment to anyone, anywhere. The streamlined glasses combine with a special, compact device that’s all the power of the Viture One. Inside there is, among other things, a processor and graphics system, as well as a convenient control panel.

But what is this? The lenses in the glasses display a virtual 120-inch screen in front of the user, which can be used in almost all lighting conditions. sound? No headphones required – the frames have really high-quality speakers that are pointed towards our ears and cleverly hidden so you can’t even notice them at first glance. We know this solution well from VR headsets.

Source: Kickstarter / Viture One

So it seems ridiculous – glasses that will completely replace a TV, monitor or projector, as well as headphones or speakers? This is what the creators say. The lenses in the glasses also control the light, so they adjust even if you want to enjoy virtual outdoor entertainment under bright sunlight. There was also a cooling system that ensures a constant temperature of less than 30 degrees – according to the manufacturer, there is no way we would feel uncomfortable when using the Viture One.

What will we play and what will we see on Viture One?

Layer claims that the Viture One glasses operating system is compatible with almost all major streaming and gaming platforms. In the Kickstarter campaign we can find services like Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, YouTube, HBO Max, Starz, Apple TV + or Amazon Prime Video, and in terms of games, we will get PlayStation Remote Play, Xbox, Steam Link, Rainway, Moonlight, AMD Link.

Source: Kickstarter / Viture One

Thus, the list is really decent and we shouldn’t complain about not being able to include your favorite content. The glasses also support 3D movies – we will be able to enjoy cinema in 3D on YouTube, Vudu and Plex. Moreover, the creators ensure that the glasses can be comfortably combined in pairs for a joint session with friends. The convenience of such a solution is that a combined cinema can be made even while traveling.

Single Screen Viture Quality

The default 120-inch Viture One screen displays 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Full HD with glasses seems like a really solid option. The glasses have 55 PPD – roughly equivalent to 300-400 PPI on a physical screen. Regular VR headsets have a PPD level of 20, so that’s a really big jump in quality.

Source: Kickstarter / Viture One

The neck cover that came with the glasses weighs only 170 grams, which is better than other companies’ offerings. The cable with grommets is attached magnetically, which is a more convenient and secure solution. There is also a control panel with small buttons with which we can connect to all services.

The creators also boast that with Viture One we have a whole range of possibilities in terms of game modes. We can play lying down and sitting with our head held high – however we want. It’s not known how well the default render will work in different situations, but if it really works as Layer writes, it could be a real revolution.

Source: Kickstarter / Viture One

I must admit that this is a really unique startup with great potential for development. If you want to see how the glasses work with different equipment, be sure to check out Project page on Kickstarter. We will definitely follow up on the project.

Source, featured image: Kickstarter (one feature)

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