Last year photographers had a hard time, but it did not appear in the results of the Sony World Photography Awards. Among the best photos of last year, there are six photos of Kotab.

The Sony World Photography Awards are the ultimate in the world’s largest and most well-known photography competitions. The event is organized annually by the World Photography Organization with support from Sony.

More than 330,000 jobs were submitted to this year’s edition. Pictures from 220 countries around the world. There was also a record of applications in the most prestigious professional segment, with more than 145,000 filed. Pictures. The professional competition is divided into 10 categories, including this year’s new portfolio category. In addition to the professional competition, there was also an open and a student segment. The jury also awarded an award for Outstanding Contributions to Photography. This year, the winner is Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide.

The finalist for the Sony World Photography Awards 2021 was – like everything recently – online.

In recent years, the closing ceremony of the Sony World Photography Awards has been a huge event. Several times I had the opportunity to be a guest at this event during the Gala party at Hilton Park Lane in London. If an event in the world of photo photography could be called an Oscar, it would be a SWPA party.

Last year, the outbreak surprised the organizers and the party was canceled. In 2021, the organizers were ready for the new facts, and everything was completely online. As a result, the final film was created, featuring winning images interspersed with sayings of the paparazzi.

I also recommend the document General with pictures It was created by the SWPA Team. It tells of a very difficult year of photography, when many photographers had to find new ideas for career development and unload their creative energy.

I already had a chance to watch this one-hour white paper, and the premiere will take place today at 18:00. On YouTube of course.

It’s time for the winners. Craig Easton tournament won the top prize.

Photographer of the Year award, a prize of $ 25,000 and a set of photographic equipment from Sony went to acclaimed documentary photographer Craig Easton (UK) for a series of photos called Bank Top.

Photo: Craig Easton, Grand Prix at Sony World Photography Awards 2021

Photo: Craig Easton, Grand Prix at Sony World Photography Awards 2021

Professional category winners at the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards.

Architecture and design

1st place: Tomáš Vocelka (Czech Republic) for the series Eternal hunting zones (Land of Eternal Hunting).

Finalists: 2nd Place: Frank Machalowski (Germany).

3rd place in Guangwei (Mainland China).


1st Place: Mark Hamilton Groshi (Great Britain) for the series Moon’s return (Moon – new look).

Finalists: 2nd place, Luigi Busolati (Italy).

Third place Sasha Bauer (Russia)

Documentary projects

1st place: Vito Fusco (Italy) for the series Daisy was killed (Daisy Keeler).

Finalists: Second Place Craig Easton (Great Britain).

From the series “The Thatcher Children: 1992-2020”

From the series “The Thatcher Children: 1992-2020”

Third place, Lorenzo Tugnoli (Italy).

Natural environment

1st place: Simone Tramonte (Italy) for the series Net zero transmission (Move to net zero emissions).

Finalists: 2nd place Mohamed Madadi (Iran); Third place Antonio Perez (Spain).

natural views

First place: Majid Hajati (Iran) for the series The silent neighborhoods (Quiet neighborhoods).

Finalists: Second Place Andrea Ferro (Italy).

Third place Fyodor Saventsev (Russia).

a file

First Prize: Laura Bannack (Great Britain) to present a file.

Finalists: 2nd place, Bryce Lorenzo (Spain).

Third place Lula Laborio (Argentina).


1st Place (& Grand Prize Contest): Craig Easton (Great Britain) for the series The highest bank.

Finalists: 2nd place is Julia Fullerton Patten (Great Britain).

Third place is Jane Hilton (Great Britain).


First Place: Anas Al-Kharboutli (Syria), for the series Sport and fun rather than war and fear (Sports and fun rather than war and fear.)

Finalists: 2nd place, Patrick Minehart (Spain).

Third place is Ferzam Salih (Iran).


1st Place: Peter Ellfield (Netherlands), for the series The composition does not stand still, and it has been called a wet slab (Still life on a wet board).

Finalists: Second Place Alessandro Pollio (Italy).

3rd place Paloma Rincon (Spain)

Wild nature and nature

1st Place: Louis Tatu (Spain) for the series Locust infestation in East Africa (Locust infestation in East Africa).

Finalists: 2nd place – Graeme Purdy (Great Britain).

3rd place Angel Vitor (Spain).

Among the winning authors are six Polish photographers. They are Justina Gurniac, Thomas Lazare, Agneska Marushek, Partomij Guricki, Thomas Kowalski and Agata Murochek.

Photographer of the Year at the Open Competition.

In an open competition, the jury evaluates individual photos. The selection criterion for winning works is the ability to create exceptional visual stories combined with the technical excellence of photography. The jury selected Tamara Kudita (Zimbabwe) from among the ten winners of each category in the open competition. She won the title Photographer of the Year 2021 in an open competition$ 5,000 cash prize, Sony digital imaging equipment and an opportunity for global advertising.

New reality also means new technical solutions. You can navigate through the final gallery in the web browser.

Every year, the ultimate photo gallery is held in a beautifully arranged space at Somerset House in London. This year, the exhibition can be viewed online at A virtual walk that can be played in a web browser.

This year, the amazing contest album is available for free, but – like everything – in digital form.

An integral part of the Sony World Photography Awards are beautiful albums containing photos of the competition awarded in a particular year. In the latest edition of the competition, this post was transferred to the Internet. Thanks to this, it became free. The album can be downloaded for free as a PDF on the contest page. I definitely recommend it.