On Friday, May 13, 2022, a smaller group of Ukrainian children, who took lessons at Primary School No. 3 in Nakao nad Noticec, received 20 sets of new textbooks and exercises for learning the Polish language. The application for co-funding books at the request of teachers was approved by the Director of Caritas DB and on Wednesday, May 11, the funds over PLN 900 were transferred to the teacher at Caritas headquarters. Purchased textbooks – Elementary books for learning the Polish language for children from Ukraine will be borrowed by Primary School No. 2 to facilitate their education in a Polish school.

I would like to thank father. Wojciech Przybyle – Director of Caritas DB and Sister Aleksandra – Guardian of Caritas DB School Circles, for the positive consideration of our application and good looks. I would also like to thank Ms Anna Maćkowska – Principal of Primary School 2 for her great support, Ms Maria Techner – Teacher and Ms Halina Lubiszewska – Principal of ZSP 3 for their help and kindness. Perhaps thanks to such means, learning for children, despite the difficult situation for them, will be more interesting.

Katarzina Dobos – Will of the Caritas School District of Elementary School 2

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