So far, Plus network users using iPhones have complained about the lack of 5G. This is famous for its very limited cooperation with Apple, which is manifested in the slippage in the implementation of many modern services. Before 5G, it was loud about VoLTE not working on iPhones.

However, iOS 15.4 has brought support for 5G Plus. iPhone users of the line can use the next generation network 12And the 13 And the New iPhone SE.

5G Plus on iPhones: Why did it take so long?

The case became famous in January of this year, when MP Michał Gramatyka sent a letter to the Office of Electronic Communications, accusing the Plus network of “blocking” 5G on Apple smartphones.

Then the operator issued a brief statement in which it asserted that “Plus does not block phones from any manufacturer.”

And in fact, there are many indications that it wasn’t a conscious hindrance to the technology, but rather because it wasn’t operational. The terms of cooperation with Apple are not general, but you can guess that the company requires payment of licensing fees and/or fulfillment of other terms that Plus for some reason did not want to agree to.

In addition to full cooperation with Apple?

Przemysław Pająk from spider web ClaimsActivating 5G Plus on iPhones is the beginning of a greater collaboration. Finally, Apple smartphones and watches will be included in the launcher offer.

At the moment, it is not known whether Plus has agreed to the terms offered by Apple to all operators or has negotiated a more favorable form of cooperation for itself. We’ll find out through our iPhone Plus pricing analysis when the sale actually starts.

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