Since Monday, they have been struggling with the extremely heavy rain that has caused rivers to overflow GermanyBelgium France and Holland. The most difficult hydrological situation still exists in Germany. There, the streams turned into flowing rivers and damaged many places.

Germany floods. Dramatic statistics for the missing and victims

According to official data from the German services, 80 people died as a result of floods in western Germany, and 1,300 people are still wanted.picture“The most difficult situation remains in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate.

The rivers rose so quickly that the inhabitants of these regions could only save themselves by escaping to the roofs of their homes, where they were waiting for a rescue operation by helicopter. From some buildings, firefighters evacuated people through windows.

As I mentioned CNN, tragic events occurred in the Rhineland-Palatinate, where 9 people of an institution for the disabled were killed. The victims were unable to escape from the rising water.

– In some areas we have not seen such floods for at least a hundred years – he said in an interview with CNN Andreas Friedrich, German Synoptician.

As I mentioned ‘German wave’The German chancellor expressed his condolences to the families of the victims. Despair for those who lost their lives in this disaster. We don’t know the number yet, she said, but there will be a lot of them. Merkel stressed that the emergency services are doing their best to find the missing.

Belgium floods. Evacuation of Polish children

There is also a difficult situation in Belgium. The flood cut off the holiday center of the Polish educational association in Complain-la-Tour in the east of the country, which has more than 60 children, from the rest of the world. They are currently being evacuated.

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The Permanent Representative of Poland to the European Union, in cooperation with the Consulate in Brussels, helped organize the rescue operation. The ambassador added that Poland intervened in this matter because it was Belgian in the beginning army She stated that she could not reach the children as all the roads were flooded.

So far, 12 people have died in Belgium as a result of the floods. Authorities fear that the number of flood victims in Belgium may rise. Five people are wanted and the soldiers and firefighters have not yet reached all the flooded places. Now attention is drawn to the Meuse, the level of which is still high and people were evacuated from the villages of Limburg at night. In total, several thousand people were evacuated from the flooded areas. More than 20,000 people are without electricity. Pictures and videos of the flooded places posted on social media are very exciting. Houses collapsed, many buildings were destroyed, cars fell into the water, and trees were uprooted. Locals say the last one Once This flood was in 1998.

Unfortunately, thieves are trying to take advantage of the tragic situation and intrusions have already occurred, which is why curfews have been imposed in some evacuated areas.

in 200 thousand. Residents of the city of Liège demanded that the mayor evacuate people who had the opportunity to leave the city.

– If evacuation is not possible, people should take refuge in the higher areas or move to the upper floors of the buildings – the mayor said in an interview with Brussels Times.

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Heavy rains also caused flooding in other Belgian provinces: Luxembourg, Liege, Namur and Limburg. In Voeren (Limburg), 140 people were evacuated from their homes.

Holland and France floods

Some areas in France and the Netherlands were also affected by heavy rains. In France, floods have occurred in 11 provinces in the east of the country, according to the regional portal And called on the authorities to be careful about the roads, some of which were flooded and became impassable.

Rail traffic between the cities of Thionville and Luxembourg has also stopped. So far, there are no victims or missing persons in France.

Polish children trapped in floods. We are on the first and second floors.

In the Netherlands, rainfall paralyzed the southern part of the country. The province of Limburg in particular is struggling with the floods it causes. In the village of Valkenburg with help army Hundreds of people were evacuated after a flood caused the bridge to collapse.

According to the magazinegeneral newspaperThe city may run out of food,” the mayor of Valkenburg said, as parts of the city are off-limits to trucks. 700 homes without electricity.

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Storms over Poland. IMGW Warning

storms They are also rolling over Poland. IMGW issued storm warnings for the entire country on Friday. It will be more intense in the northeast, and weaker in the south and southwest, where it shouldn’t rain in some places.

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Precipitation can be heavy and localized flooding of roads and buildings can occur. Hail can damage building roofs and car bodies. Wind speed up to 90 km / h.