Charlotte fans of the American club followed the example of Lech Poznan fans. And they recently performed a dance invented by the “Collegors” supporters in the stands. They did a really good job, and you can see everything on the recording on the web.


Getty Images / Getty Images / Twitter Charlotte FC / Pictured: soccer player Karol Świderski Charlotte (R) / Team fans perform a dance

Perhaps the dance of Lech Pozna fans has reached every corner of the world. It was first introduced by the Lechites in the 2010/11 season in the first leg of the European League against Manchester City.

Poznan FC fans stood with their backs to the field, clenched their shoulders and jumped at the same time. In England, their behavior was widely commented on, and a new cheerleading custom has entered the stadiums in this country as well. It became known as “Poznan”.

Now Charlotte FC fans have shown that they can have fun, too. The Americans posted a recording on social media showing how they reflect the behavior of Poznan fans. It turned out well.

There are three poles in the Charlotte club: Karol Schwederski, Jan Sobosinski and Kamel Jowiak. You can see that Świderski in particular is well integrated into the team, as he performs excellently in the MLS. Camille Joviac, in turn, joined the American club a month ago, but he certainly managed to impress the fans. After all, they imitate the behavior of Lech fans, and this is Jóźwiak’s home team.

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Watch how Charlotte FC fans are having fun:

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