Halfway through the slalom competition at the Olympics, Mishaw Jaczyk was in 30th place. In the second round, he took a risk and fell in the way. In an interview with TVP Sport, he commented on this situation.

Matthews Kozaniki

Matthews Kozaniki

Michel Jaczyk

Getty Images / Sean M. Haffey / Pictured: Michał Jasiczek

Michał Jasiczek was among 52 competitors who managed to finish the first round in the slalom. Pawe Pyjas wasn’t so lucky that he fell off the road and wasn’t ranked.

On the other hand, Jasiczek finished 30th and was the first to break into the second round track. He decided to take a risk and unfortunately it did not pay off. The pole fell off the track just before the finish line – he was just short of one.

In the end, it wasn’t rated either. As he himself admitted, he was not interested in the distant position at the Beijing Olympics.

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– Maybe I can get to the finish line, but I’m not interested in 30th – Michał Jasiczek commented in an interview with TVP Sport.

– I had to attack. In the 30th place, I may please my grandmother, who will congratulate me for being at the finish line. I want more – Polish actor added.

Clement Noel won. The French attacked from sixth place and won the gold medal. The silver medal was won by Austria’s Johannes Strolls, and Norway’s Sebastian Voss Solifage completed the podium.

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