Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski didn’t achieve success in the blink of an eye. For what he has today, he has been working since 2010. Then he published his first movie on the web.

You can see a crazy teenage boy on the skates between the blocks. There are attempts to perform various tricks, and at the end we see the painting “Thanks for watching. And please subka” (original spelling).

In 2019, he uploaded a video announcing that he would be staying in… a pool for 24 hours. “I don’t know what to do. What can you do 24 hours in the pool?” – He wonders in front of the camera, his idea is gaining great popularity. The video has already exceeded 9 million views. Subsequent productions of Friz were also successful.

How did Karol “Friz” Wiśniewski get started?

Frieze is 25 years old from Krakow. It emerged thanks to, among other things, “Pokemon Go”. He has hunted Pokémon and recorded videos with the most famous players.


Later, he posted more videos on the network, and his popularity was increasing day by day. Today he is a millionaire and has a lot of fans. Whatever you don’t touch, turns to gold. Examples include not only movies, but also Freeze ice cream.

It asks one basic question. How did he get to such a place?

This is the result of hard work, because the boy has been constantly creating his channel for more than twelve years. He was looking for a way to find an audience and finally succeeded after a few years. This success is largely based on a sense of authenticity, although I’m pretty sure every recording has text and is set about what, when and how it will be told. But Karol Wiiewniewski is trying to impress young people that he is one of them. At the same time, in a better version, because it looks a little better, it is richer and bolder – analyzes the social researcher Prof. Dariusz Jemielniak of Kosminsky University, citing wirtualnemedia.pl.


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