On Wednesday, when Joe Biden’s win in Congress was approved elections Presidential rally, a crowd of Donald Trump supporters (for whom President Just talk ProteaI stormed the Capitol. Depending Media relations It was about to kill the parliamentarians. Five people were killed, including a policeman.

Riots in the United States. Conspiracy theorists “Qunun” stormed the Capitol building

Currently, dozens of people have been arrested in connection with the riots and the agencies are looking for more. The allegations have already been heard, among other things the man whose photos made headlines around the world. This is Jacob Anthony Chancley, aka Jake Angeli. He entered the US Parliament with an exposed torso, the fur on his shoulders, and the horns on his head. He held a flag spear in his hand, his face painted in patriotic colors.

The District Attorney accused him of illegal entry and staying in the prohibited building, violent trespassing, and disruption of order in the Capitol building.

Shaman Qunun

The man in the fur coat attracted media attention and was photographed multiple times on the Capitol. The Arizona Republic reports that Jake Angeli, a conspiracy theorist (by some referred to as a sect) Qunun, has attended political rallies of right-wingers in Arizona in recent months.

As the daily notes indicate, Angela has appeared regularly before the Arizona state legislature from 2019 onwards, preaching various conspiracy theories. In 2020, he admitted in an interview that he wears a fur hat, draws his face, and does not wear a T-shirt to “get attention.”

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In February 2020, Angeli appeared on Donald Trump’s parade in Phoenix. During the event, he presented a banner that read “Send Me Q” and asked the participants if they were aware of the “conspiracy”. Followers of the far-right QAnon conspiracy theory – which many US media have already “dealt with” – claim that in 2017, an anonymous user with the nickname “Q”, who allegedly possesses “high security credentials”, exposed on the Internet administration secrets Heavily guarded. And the judiciary. According to S. Donald Trump Wages a covert war against the global satanic network of transgender people who rule the world, including radiation politicians and celebrities z United States of America And other countries.