Al-Gharibi became very famous when he was about to fight Martin Ford. This duel has been declared “the hardest battle in the world”. In the end, however, all plans failed.

The reason for canceling the fight has not been officially announced. There were voices that it was due to the personal problems of the “Iranian Temple”. His family was about to abandon him after his fight with Ford in Dubai.

I heard Ford didn’t want to fight. It wasn’t my decision or any other player’s. I never summoned a fight again. He’s the one who doesn’t want to see me. I just escaped. This is a joke, not the conflict of the century – Al-Ghobeiri said in an interview with Al-Shams.

The return of the “Iranian Temple”. You will face it

Finally, the Iranian is scheduled to appear in the ring. However, his opponent will not be Martin Ford, but Gumanov Almat Pacitovich, widely known as the “Kazakh Titan”.

This match is scheduled for July 31. Al-Gharibi showed on social media how he was preparing for this clash and once again surprised his fans.

In his Instastories, you could see him hit with blows…a weight on an iron bar. Once again introduce an unconventional approach to training.

The battle between the “Iranian structure” and the “Kazakh titan” contracted four rounds. Each of them will take two minutes. At the moment, it is not known which gloves the two players will be wearing.

Many people say they don’t know who I am, but on the 31st of July they will find out who the “Kazakh Titan” is and my strength. If I win this fight, I want to face Fedor Emelianenka in Almaty – said Baccinovich in an interview with “The Sun”.

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